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About Double D Driving School

David Dancey – Founder Double D Driving School

David Dancey – Founder Double D Driving School

David is an accredited instructor with many years of experience, knowledge of road rules, regulations and driving techniques that ensures the students at Double D Driving School Wynnum, have a relaxed, hassle free learning experience that is tailored to each student’s individual needs and abilities. David’s sense of humour eases the tension often experienced by first time drivers, which soothes the nervousness of the student allowing a clearer mind to concentrate on the job at hand. When on the job, David offers you his 100% commitment in assisting you achieve your goals in passing your test the first time.

If you are just starting your LOG BOOK remember Double D Driving School can get you started with correct driving habits right from the beginning. As you learn to drive and progress through your supervised 100 on-road hours, it is critical to develop these good driving skills early as bad habits may be difficult to break once established, and may cause difficulty during your practical test.

Double D Driving School is located in Manly West which is convenient to either Wynnum or Cleveland Transport Offices enabling you to familiarize yourself with the area before your driving test at either any Transport Office.

For those of you wondering…
‘Double D Driving School’ was originally named by an 11 year old girl, and when asked to explain, she said “Discover Driving”, which is what it’s all about.

…a life skill to be discovered!


David has just completed a professional development course and has become an accredited Keys2Drive Professional driving instructor.

This entitles you to one FREE driving lesson under the Keys2Drive set criteria.

For further information and to book your free lesson please visit the Keys2Drive website.