Frequently Asked Questions


Do you get quality feed back and a progressive learner driver evaluation?

A. Double D Driving School provides all students frequent evaluation of their progress.


Can the driving school answer your questions about traffic regulations clearly and distinctly?

A. David has a thorough understanding of relevant regulations leaving no doubt due to ambiguity.

Do you get the full hour for your one hour lesson?

A. With Double D you get value with every lesson as they are not cut short to compensate for the next lesson.

Does your driving school use clean, modern vehicles or vehicles that substitute as the family hack?

A. Double D Driving School has manual and automatic late model vehicles designed with dual controls specifically for driver education.

Do you get the same instructor every time?

A. Double D Driving School is owned and operated by David Dancey so you are guaranteed of personal tuition, first time, every time.

Some Further Considerations:

The current road toll needs to be addressed!

One of the fundamental principals deficient in many drivers is the lack of understanding of the immense responsibility that is expected of them when driving a vehicle on public roads.

A critical aspect of this responsibility is the ability of the driver to be able to handle the vehicle in a safe and competent manner under all driving conditions. Whilst experience can only come with time and distance travelled, having had correct driving tuition coupled with a thorough understanding of the road rules right from the onset, professional instructions by Double D Driving School can be considered as an investment in your loved one’s safety.